Friday, April 9, 2010


Well I have been terrible with updating this thing. To be honest I don't think anyone really reads this thing and all I have to say are complaints so I'd just rather say nothing.

1/4 of the year is over and I have produced somewhat consistent posts for my MAKE SOMETHING COOL EVERYDAY project and 365 Sketch a day. As of now my brain is zapped. I have no ideas that i am capable of following through on. I enjoy drawing but it is not an easy task for me. It takes me hours upon hours to complete a "simple" drawing. I have done several pictures that I'm actually happy with. I still feel like I am out of place every time i draw/paint etc. hmm..

"am i cool now?"

"flower girl"

"finally a guy interested in my brain"

"i'm tired of thinking"

"zombie:a self portrait"

I think I am going to force myself to work forward. I've been talking about making a claymation for some time now. I think sunday I may attempt to tackle this project. I've never done a claymation before so I think it's probably going to be pretty awful!! oh wow...

I also have a very large drawing that I would like to get started. I designed the main character today and I think it may work. Maybe that will be tomorrows goal?

AND I still have a few more photos that I need to get the scenes set up for. It is going to involve me creating some props from yarn. I need to get on that...

HEY here's a fantastic song to enjoy/like.


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