Thursday, December 31, 2009

BIGFLOP cupcake

I tried to use my bigtop cupcake for our social gathering!!! absolutely TERRIBLE!

Lucky for me and I can take joy out of terrible outcomes. haha

Fabulous! haha

1)take off top layer
2)add an unholy amount of icing
3) add a sad face for emotional effect
4) add a sprinkle beard cuz I like beards.

Well it's new years eve and I'm not really into partying, so I'll be back with more posts! oooh exciting!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

in between thoughts

I just woke up from a lovely nap and I had my new CD "Black Sheep Boy" by Okkervil River playing and although it is a nice cd, track 2 "For Real" stands out as far superior to the rest of the songs. Don't misunderstand, they are all nice songs, but it is always apparent which songs are the best. It is very rare for the disc to be compact (wordplay!) with every song being superb like radiohead-"hail to the thief". This is probably the reason why I am reluctant to buy a whole album because even though I like several songs from the cd, it is unlikely for me to like all of them and listen to them. I don't know maybe I should listen to the whole cd over and over and over and make myself like everything?? hmm. Do you know of any albums that are solid gold the whole way through? if so....TELL ME!

oh i made a hat last night with the yarn that i received for my birthday...back in September! I would link to the pattern but it is from ravelry which requires a password to view any patterns.

Also check out the scarf that I made for my roomie for christmas. I didn't follow a pattern I just winged it. Glad it turned out! and also glad that she likes it!

this picture is quite hilarious because as she points to her charm ( as read from above) she is holding a cup of coffee. lol.

I started on a hat today which is draining the life from me! KNIT WITH SIZE 1 AND 2 NEEDLES!! YIKES!!

It's gonna be pretty sweet when/if i get finished. ugh my hands hurt though (that's what she said) haha


Monday, December 28, 2009


okay I was trapped at my mom's place in OKC since wednesday!! It's not that I don't like my family, I just hate downtime. I constantly need to be making something or I feel like I am dragging. Today is my first day back at my house and I've already made a splendid looking hat. well...I'm sorta tired, maybe it won't look so splendid any case, I'll post pics with a link to the pattern.

tomorrow's agenda: origami, another hat maybe? and start my ZOMBIE project!!

ALSO!! my roomie and I switched christmas gifts and I received some AMAZING gifts!! I will post a link to her page as soon as she posts it!!

oh and check out my second attempt at photoshop. Well it was mainly me asking my roommate tons of the same questions since she's a pro at photoshop. I need to focus! focus! lol

I may have an unhealthy obsession with Roger from American Dad.

I also made this with Paintbrush on the mac. nothing spectacular but i do like the colors i used.

shab bekhair (good night in farsi)


picture post

I will post later tonight with...WORDS! currently i am trippin on some medicine. i'm sure there are spelling errors and such. oh well.

in the meantime here are a bunch of photos...

my brother sis and neice

my sister demonstrating a fantastic way to go deaf

I ask my brother and sister to pose for a picture and this is what i get.

best tree that i saw this year!

my brother sister and niece all played a friendly game of "ladybugs". i have not idea what it's called but it was designed for kids

here is what happened towards the end. my brother became confrontational and my niece ( the child that the game was meant for) left.

frybread!! and lots of it!

my niece and I friendly interacting with one another

my mom got a shawl for christmas and was saying that she wants to go to a powwow.


Saturday, December 26, 2009


I just purchased "Black Sheep" by Okkervil River and I am pleased. I have been debating on whether or not to purchase it for some time now but I found a cheap used copy. I guess this shows that it's good to wait? or something? ugh i don't know. anyway I have decided that I need to buy a new camera. this iphone camera is just not doing it for me. So, if you have any suggestions, please comment below ↓

I am going to fill up my flickr account before I go pro because I'm cheap and I can't believe that I've talked myself into paying $24 to post more fucking pictures lol. any hoo, I'll be offline until mondayish so enjoy all 4 posts that I made today. I'm sure you feel enlightened and somewhat motivated because I am not so...

also I was browsing through my friend's pictures and I found this photo of when I used to be skinny. I actually had to cut out my ex since he's the shoulder on the left. Do i look happy? i think i do. stupid. so stupid.


Still it won't change the same

Blink again the image won't change
Cry again the feeling won't change

Smile again and lie still the same
Fall again and crash still the same

For I, myself, forever won't change
So here the pattern rots, still the same

Sent from my iPhone


They ( my family) are watching "a Christmas story". I hate that movie.
I have gone years and years escaping that movie and this year will be
no different. So I wrote a poem in the other room with my earphones
on. I feel that it poem is very forced so forgive me. I need a muse.
Some inspiration that tears at my heart. Something or someone. That is
what this poem is lacking. Honesty. Hmm I may end up erasing it if I
still don't like it tomorrow.

Quitely thinking with a numbing tone
Among all this panic that I unfortunately own

A resolution? A solution to all this clutter?
But how do I begin it? What words do I mutter?

So in my head I turn it and flip it
Reversing the order so I can better read it

But seeing the answer was not properly planned
As I choke back the realization of this destructive end

Sent from my iPhone

Nothing better

Is there anything better than sleeping on the hard floor with a pillow
that is designed for the couch? How about waking up every hour with a
freaky nightmare? Eh I don't really mind though. It's good to be near
the family. Ha I kicked my brother this morning and asked " how's it
feel to wake up on the floor and NOT be hung over. Hahaha. Yeah. Take
that. Hopefully I can voyage home today. I want to knit a hat. A
super cool hat. But first I need my supplies. Also I am dying to see
Sherlock holmes. Maybe today I can make that happen?? Anyone wanna
pick me up??

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow dog

Ginger likes/hates the snow. Which is good/bad cuz we are surrounded
by it. Unfortunately my laptop is 30 miles away from me and my iPhone
can't upload more than 1 photo per blog soooo this is it as far as
pictures. I will upload more when/ If I ever get home. Also I got
star trek and 500 days of summer for Christmas so I'll be busy for
awhile LOL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the plan

okay i am off work until january 4th 2010. I am determined to get a lot accomplished in my much awaited time off. knitting, sewing, drawing, cross stitching, photographing etc. I have decided to go pro on flickr and I am going to reopen my etsy shop. Links coming soon...

I am also going to blog like a crazy motherfucker so be excited/scared?

here is a picture of Ging and I.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

knitted lucy

I made this for my friend. it is supposed to be a creepy duplicate of her cat Lucy. Mission accomplished. Pattern found here


Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm exhausted. I've been working 10+ shifts all week, 6 days a week. I plan to spruce this drab page up once christmas has come and passed. in the meantime check out these wicked photos. I finally have CS4 so that has definitely opened up all sorts of weird doors for me =) Also, I've been working on creating some interesting photo shots--origami-cotton balls--clay--an egg?? stay tuned my sweeties. stay tuned....

yes! my first attempt at photoshop and I am pleased

fun with paintbrush or whatever the fuck it's called.

okay bedtime. 2 more days of work then I'll have tons of time to blog/browse the web etc etc.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

some quick sketches

I have A LOT of these sketched out already. it is a result of me having way too much time to think. They are pretty cheesy I know. I like it like that =)

if I didn't have to wake up at 3am tomorrow, I would scan more... good night!


catching up

I've been slacking lately. sorry. I've been cramming for my last final, working 10 hour shifts at work and trying to get all my christmas projects done. I am waiting to crash and burn. In the meantime, enjoy these pics =)

I bought this at the indie deluxe craft bazaar. Artwork by felix matos Gotta say that Joker as the nurse was probably my favorite scene in dark knight.

Sweeney todd! another excellent movie! glad to own this as well.

I'm very happy to have a purse that is big enough to hold all my "odle" haha that's kiowa for "stuff" I forget who made this purse. I will search through my business cards and update this.

a happy customer. thank you Erin! you're awesome!

My sis and I with her daugher Soraya

My neice Soraya

some sweet action shots from the craft fair.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

and done!

I started this project about 4 hours ago and ta-da! finished =) I don't want to add any more to it at the moment. as of now it is wall art and I am pleased.

materials used:
a determined heart


I changed my mind. comments are enabled. so comment your little heart away.



I just woke up and my pacman blanket is on the wall right next to me. I just stared at it for awhile and I now have a GREAT idea for a zombie/pacman project. Stay tuned cuz I'm pretty excited!! also it may or may not have been done yet, but fuck! it's for my room so i don't care.

also! terrible news =( flight of the conchords is not making any more episodes!! i kind of figured that was the case but I was still holding small hope...check out this link for more info


Saturday, December 12, 2009

today today what a day!!

ack I'm tired!! prepare for lots of spelling errors!!!

Today was the indie deluxe craft bazaar. my friends Bill and Barb and I all had a fun time. I did not sell as much as the last craft fair but this was also a lot shorter than the last one. no complaints there!!

Anyway I bought few neat things, I'll post pics tomorrow on flickr. I only have time to include one pic right now, so enjoy.

Me and moms. I was pretty excited that it's cold enough for me to wear my "marty mcfly" vest haha. that movie is awesome! but not as awesome as teen wolf. I can quote that movie forever. Really, if you ever get bored, talk to me about it. I can go on and on about how fabulous that movie is lol.

after next week I plan on dressing this site up. it's plain and I'm not thrilled about that. it needs to be obnoxious to represent me properly.

Coach Finstock: Look Scotty, I know what you're going through. Couple years back, a kid came to me much the same way you're coming to me now, saying the same thing that you're saying. He wanted to drop off the team. His mother was a widow, all crippled up. She was scrubbing floors. She had this pin in her hip. So he wanted to drop basketball and get a job. Now these were poor people, these were hungry people with real problems. Understand what I'm saying?
Scott Howard: What happened to the kid?
Coach Finstock: I don't know. He quit. He was a third stringer, I didn't need him.

Stiles: Never say die.

Scott Howard: Give me a keg of beer... and these.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

knit knit knit knit

I've been working my buns off trying to get stuff completed for saturday's craft fair!! lots and lots to do and I still have to wake up tomorrow at 4 am!! I guess I should get to bed but I'm stressed about getting everything done!!


I was browsing through flickr and I found the wonderful art of laserbread Check it out!! seriously! This guy is so so so AMAZING!!! Please look through all of his work because they are all so different yet completely amazing!! If ANYTHING click on my favorite photo of his!! You'll freak out in complete awe!

okay okay, think I'll sleep now. Haircut tomorrow! pretty excited! good bye long hair =(


More poetry please!!

Today was a long day at work!! About 90% of the employees went to an hour meeting at the end of the day so just a few of us were left on the floor working. So, I was less that enthused to work so I wrote some poetry. It's the first time I've written poetry since leaving my last blog. So read it and maybe you'll get something out of it??

I was a little resentful that I couldn't sit in the meeting so these poems are a little....angry? haha. No joke, if I could sit in a meeting ALL day then I would have found the perfect job!


should have stayed quiet
kept my mouth shut and remained silent

should have turned away
and never said hello, and kept it that way

should have forgot your name
erased you sooner without any pain

should have kept it brief
to stop my thoughts from twisiting into grief

should have read the sign
it said "dead end" yet I passed on by

should have made a choice
that was truly mine and not from another's voice

should have know from all my ignorant bliss
that this would all end exactly like this



in the stillness I'm tied up tight
my feet wrapped and my arms at my side

I've tried to scream or even utter a word
but the sound is blocked and only by my ears heard

I have trapped myself into a frame
and painted a picture so you won't run away

So in this picture you see my smile
a perfect example of a happy child

but behind the picture the colors run
and pour into my veins a self fed poison

but you'll never see the truth i hide
because I've fought to keep you out of my life



bitter still
it grows intense

crying still
my mind's a mess

regretful still
it stops on repeat

quiet still
I am unable to speak

hiding still
from you and from this

stopping still
because it's you I still miss



I wanna go to sleeeeeeeep!

Right now it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm waiting to clock in. I'm a
little loopey and in desperate need for some sleep!! I wanted to
post this picture of my dogette. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hats hats hats!!!

I made these over the weekend. I plan on selling them at a craft fair this upcoming saturday. I made up the pattern myself which I will gladly share. Please note that they are knit with 2 strands at the same time so they are VERY VERY warm!!

with size 9 circular needle
CO 70 with 2 strands of yarn
K1/P1 for each round until desired length is reached.
**please note that you should keep in mind that the decrease rows do not add much length to the finished hat.

decrease as follows, switch to DPN's whenever necessary

continue in the manner until 3 rounds of decreasing have been complete.

Cut a 7" tail and loop through live stitches.

weave in ends!!



Thursday, December 3, 2009


OK, so after much thought I have finally relocated! I had given out my previous blog to too many people that i personally know. I want my blog to be a secret so that I can discuss what i feel and not worry about who I will offend. I will add a link to this blog from my usual sites-craftster-ravelry-flickr-instructables. Basically people that I don't know and have never met. I am reluctant to share with people that i personally know because..well, it's weird??

Well, I will add more to this soon! I must study for finals and such!

be back soon!!