Monday, February 1, 2010

okay time for a heart to heart

Well I know that I've been very informal on this blog and I apologize. This whole post is going to run together but if I give it any more thought I will just end up erasing this whole post...

Okay well I have finished one full month of my MAKE SOMETHING COOL EVERYDAY posts and that I can say proudly =) I find that my mind becomes overwhelmed with thoughts constantly and I can finally channel all my built up thoughts into something coherent. I find that at work I can completely zone out and become completely lost in my thoughts. Nothing too exciting, usually just depressing stuff. The fact that I can successfully focus elsewhere has become a HUGE relief for me!! I find that I have become less angry this past month and I can actually walk with my head held up. I have always doubted anything that I've done creatively. very very rarely will i impress myself. very rarely! But i feel that i have given all my efforts into my flickr project and the fact that other people can say nice things about them makes me feel...good!

I've tried explaining the purpose of this project to my friends and co-workers and i get the impression that it is met with confusion. I've tried to explain that it's sole purpose is to force me to become creative. i am lazy. i admit that completely. But this past month has pushed me further since there is a daily deadline. I feel less afraid to share what's in my head. I'm tired of living in a box. i know that now.

i finally took the plunge and went pro today on flickr. yikes! me! the person who usually has 3 dollars(if that!) to her name spent $25 for photo storage!! Remember earlier when I fought this route? well I went forward smiling =) I am happy. finally. And all it took was me to make it happen! whew!

here is a freaky picture of my dog for laughs =) I know my iphone camera sucks. I plan on purchasing a real snazzy camera by next month. it's going to break my wallet but it'll be a worthy investment!


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