Friday, February 12, 2010

pictures of things i did

I'm not going to be updating this with EVERY flickr post since I have a widget that will do that for me (look to your left) so here are a few things that i made that i would like to elaborate on...

intense yes? I'm wanting this piece to be startling! it is a part of my death by yarn series which i hope to complete by tomorrow. I plan on submitting this photo along with 2 others to momentum okay I've never been the optimistic type so yeah, i highly doubt that I will get picked. that's fine though, at least i can say that i tried!!

cuz there are creepy people out there and you're on one of their blogs right now... =)

i went to the gray owl today and several other art galleries and this is how i felt--very very removed from everything. that's not say that i wanted that because i do want to fit in. maybe wanting to fit in is what causes me to be excluded?? hmm...


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