Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cd swap

I recently participated in a cd swap with my co-workers daughter. I
must say that whenever my co-worker would say that I reminded her of
her daughter I never gave it much thought. But after meeting her last
week, yeah I am definitely see it. I think it was maybe after our 5
min conversation that consisted only of quotes from movies! Awesome!

Okay so in the swap I received the soundtracks for "whip it", "
American beauty", "donnie darko", "marie antoinette", and a lovely
mixed cd.

I gave her the soundtracks for "500 days of summer", "the royal
tenenbaums " and various mixed CDs from my own personal collection.

The conclusion? Our music taste isn't quite in sync but who's is? I
think we planned on swapping more? I'm happy.


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