Thursday, January 21, 2010

oh yeah...remember that?

For those of you that used to follow my old blog tarzioo...

I put part of it back up. I had a lot of complaints from people that wanted my knitting patterns and since I had my ravelry, flickr, craftster and instructables sites linked to tarzioo, I can understand how it would have been frustrating. I didn't delete anything from it, I just put it all in hibernation. I sort of picked out the posts that i wanted put back up. I may go back later and put more up? Or maybe I'll just merge these two together? not sure yet.

The reason i changed blogs is no longer relevant. I have since made my peace with the issues that caused this diversion. I'd rather not dive deeper into it as I have worn out my frustrations over christmas break. I had made my last efforts in repairing any type of resolution over my "friends" that i've known for several years. I just came to a point where I was too irritated when around them rather than now, with zero contact. Sometimes you just need to look at your life and be selfish. Am I unhappy? well let's fix that because it's NO ONE'S job to ensure that you're happy. Even if you've known the same people for years and years, if it grows into something that makes you a bitter ass bitch, then something needs to change.

I'm happier now. I can actually say that and believe it.



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