Tuesday, December 29, 2009

in between thoughts

I just woke up from a lovely nap and I had my new CD "Black Sheep Boy" by Okkervil River playing and although it is a nice cd, track 2 "For Real" stands out as far superior to the rest of the songs. Don't misunderstand, they are all nice songs, but it is always apparent which songs are the best. It is very rare for the disc to be compact (wordplay!) with every song being superb like radiohead-"hail to the thief". This is probably the reason why I am reluctant to buy a whole album because even though I like several songs from the cd, it is unlikely for me to like all of them and listen to them. I don't know maybe I should listen to the whole cd over and over and over and make myself like everything?? hmm. Do you know of any albums that are solid gold the whole way through? if so....TELL ME!

oh i made a hat last night with the yarn that i received for my birthday...back in September! I would link to the pattern but it is from ravelry which requires a password to view any patterns.

Also check out the scarf that I made for my roomie for christmas. I didn't follow a pattern I just winged it. Glad it turned out! and also glad that she likes it!

this picture is quite hilarious because as she points to her charm ( as read from above) she is holding a cup of coffee. lol.

I started on a hat today which is draining the life from me! KNIT WITH SIZE 1 AND 2 NEEDLES!! YIKES!!

It's gonna be pretty sweet when/if i get finished. ugh my hands hurt though (that's what she said) haha


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