Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm exhausted. I've been working 10+ shifts all week, 6 days a week. I plan to spruce this drab page up once christmas has come and passed. in the meantime check out these wicked photos. I finally have CS4 so that has definitely opened up all sorts of weird doors for me =) Also, I've been working on creating some interesting photo shots--origami-cotton balls--clay--an egg?? stay tuned my sweeties. stay tuned....

yes! my first attempt at photoshop and I am pleased

fun with paintbrush or whatever the fuck it's called.

okay bedtime. 2 more days of work then I'll have tons of time to blog/browse the web etc etc.


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  1. Photoshop skills blossom,In time they will, my young, craft-walker.