Wednesday, December 16, 2009

catching up

I've been slacking lately. sorry. I've been cramming for my last final, working 10 hour shifts at work and trying to get all my christmas projects done. I am waiting to crash and burn. In the meantime, enjoy these pics =)

I bought this at the indie deluxe craft bazaar. Artwork by felix matos Gotta say that Joker as the nurse was probably my favorite scene in dark knight.

Sweeney todd! another excellent movie! glad to own this as well.

I'm very happy to have a purse that is big enough to hold all my "odle" haha that's kiowa for "stuff" I forget who made this purse. I will search through my business cards and update this.

a happy customer. thank you Erin! you're awesome!

My sis and I with her daugher Soraya

My neice Soraya

some sweet action shots from the craft fair.


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