Monday, December 28, 2009

picture post

I will post later tonight with...WORDS! currently i am trippin on some medicine. i'm sure there are spelling errors and such. oh well.

in the meantime here are a bunch of photos...

my brother sis and neice

my sister demonstrating a fantastic way to go deaf

I ask my brother and sister to pose for a picture and this is what i get.

best tree that i saw this year!

my brother sister and niece all played a friendly game of "ladybugs". i have not idea what it's called but it was designed for kids

here is what happened towards the end. my brother became confrontational and my niece ( the child that the game was meant for) left.

frybread!! and lots of it!

my niece and I friendly interacting with one another

my mom got a shawl for christmas and was saying that she wants to go to a powwow.


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  1. Your brother is scary when he's mad. S (how do you spell her name?) probably had nightmares. She'll never play another board game with him, ever.